Google: Not just for Googling!

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Google: Not just for Googling!

This blog is written by Kate, our Campus Ambassador for University of California, Davis.

As students, it is a must to maximize all available resources. Google has many online products
that are free to use with a Google account. I use most of them on a daily basis. Since Google
is on the web, I do not have to worry about finding a typo in my essay without my file at hand,
I can simply edit and print on campus. All Google products are neatly organized at http://

Here are a few products that every intern and student must know!

Google Docs - This is the one product that everyone should consume. My favorite
feature is that you are able to share documents in that everyone can edit and leave
comments without the hassle of emailing different versions back and forth.

Google Scholar - Scholarly papers accessible online, convenient as a resource for a
research paper or a senior thesis

Google Books - Books online! Save the hassle of going out to buy a book and have it
as paperweight, they always have new titles too. Google Books also have the classics
available to read for free.

Google Reader - Condense your favorite blogs on one location! With Google Reader,
you can save the hassle of visiting multiple blogs and read them all together (or not, up
to you!)