A Great Letter About Intern & Intern Queen

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A Great Letter About Intern & Intern Queen

Here at Intern Queen Inc & InternQueen.com we get tons of testimonials from students, parents, career centers, and employers who are happy with their services for one reason or another. However, upon reading this note from ROAR, I simply had to share it with you. I've removed Christopher's last name for privacy purposes but I really do congratulate him on making a wonderful impression at a great Management Company.

Intern Queen,

It was a great pleasure to have Christopher as my intern here at ROAR.  ROAR specializes in talent and brand management, and advisory service for the entertainment industry.  It also has a well regarded literature department, to which Christopher’s background was a perfect fit.  As a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Screen and Television Writing, Christopher displayed the knowledge that was expected of him the moment he came to intern.

After the first few weeks, I recognized Christopher’s commitment to proving himself as a valuable member to not just the literature department, but the entire ROAR team.  Since coming in May, Christopher has been fully engrossed with the day to day workings of the literary department, along with taking the time to help other departments that have been short handed.  While at ROAR he has mastered a wide skill set, ranging from administrative duties to script and story analysis and has done all these task with a positive attitude.

I appreciated the work Christopher gave and continues to give at ROAR and I truly am grateful to the people at InternQueen who provided me with such an excellent partner to work alongside.  InternQueen is a wonderful service that I will use again, and I will most definitely be helping Christopher in his promising career.

-Internship Coordinator, ROAR