Grocery Shopping -- Without the Grocery Store

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Grocery Shopping -- Without the Grocery Store

This is a guest post by Kellie from Ohio University, one of the Intern Queen&s very own interns!

Grocery shopping can be hard for college students. Trust me, I know how difficult it is to surrender time that could be spent at a fun campus event or even studying for a big exam to pick up food and other items at the convenience store.

The other day, I literally spent ten minutes calculating how long the last remains of my body wash would last (it came out to about eight days) before I would have to go purchase more. Then, I began thinking of creative breakfast substitutes for my usual protein bars because those were surely going to be long gone before the body wash, and I was surely not making two trips to the grocery store the following week.

Sometimes, don&t you just wish the grocery store would come to you?

Well, I have great news -- It can! Last weekend, after employing my mathematical genius and planning (and dreading) my next shopping trip for the week ahead, I was happily surprised by a care package sent to me from Dormzy. Dormzy is an online grocery store that allows students, parents, or young professionals to shop, select, purchase, and ship items right to their doors. Dormy is great for a number of reasons, which I have conveniently listed below:

1. It saves you from making the physical trip to a grocery store. This is extremely helpful for students, like me, who do not have cars on campus.

2. It saves you from the temptation to purchase unnecessary items. I always go to the grocery store with a small, thought-out list and leave two hours later with an excessively overloaded shoppingcart. On Dormzy, you can search for the items you need, place them in your cart and log off before ever being distracted by a single free sample display.

3. Variety! Dormzy has everything from beverages to health & beauty products to snacks to school supplies -- and they have tons of different brands of all of these things!

Here are my personal favorites from the care package:

Clif Bar in Oatmeal Raisin Walnut

This is my breakfast of choice. It keeps me full throughout the morning and powers me through my jam-packed interning days. These come in a huge assortment of flavors, and they are all delicious. (Trust me, I&ve tried just about all of them.) These also serve as a great pre-workout boosters or post-workout refuelers. Best of all, they are totally portable and fit nicely into just about any purse or bag.

St. Ives Body Wash in Oatmeal and Shea Butter

This body wash smells great and leaves my skin soft, smooth and, most importantly, clean.

Thank you, Dormzy, for saving me from making a dreaded trip to the grocery store!

Check out their site here: