Handing Out Bridal Shower Invites at the Office

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Handing Out Bridal Shower Invites at the Office blog image

Handing Out Bridal Shower Invites at the Office

Handing out bridal shower invitations in the office is not something that is particularly common, but it is possible to do it in a tactful manner. If you want to ensure that your coworkers receive your invitations -- but do not have all of their addresses -- it may be in your best interest to hand them out at an appropriate time while at the office. These tips will help you pass out your invitations in the best way possible.

Mind Your Manners
If there are coworkers that you are not planning to invite to your bridal shower, you should try to distribute the invitations individually to avoid any hard feelings between you and your other office-mates. This is not the time to create tension in the workplace!

Customize Your Invitations
Before you even think about handing out shower invitations at the office, make sure that you spend some time putting them together. After all, this is your special day and you want everything to be perfect.
Your shower invitations should be unique, elegant, and self-explanatory. They should include all of the most important information, which includes the date and time of the shower, as well as its location and theme. You can be as creative with your invitations as you would like to be. Some popular choices include polka dot prints, damask prints, and bold colors. You can choose from popular selections or ultimately do your own thing.

Save Time and Money
Instead of mailing out your invitations to the people you work with, you can save time and money by simply handing them out. When you think about the cost of the envelopes -- and especially the cost of the stamps -- you can imagine how much money you could end up spending just to send those invitations out. Why spend around $75 on postage when you can hand the invitations out for free? This is especially ideal if you are currently on a budget for your wedding (who isn’t?).

Do Something Different
It's popular and traditional to mail out your invitations. However, doing the same thing everyone else is doing isn't much fun. Instead of following the status quo and mailing out your shower invites, do something different, save yourself time and money, and just pass them out while you are at your job. Handing out an invitation is even a bit more personal. It shows the person that you have taken the time out to think of them, remembering to invite them to your ceremony.

When you are at the office, you can hand out your bridal shower invites in just a matter of minutes. This will allow you to make sure that all of the people you want to come to your shower have received an invite, as there are sometimes problems with the mail being delivered. You may want to hand the invites out before you start working or during your lunch break to avoid getting into any type of trouble with your boss.