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Happy Healthy Intern

This a blog by Danielle G., our Campus Ambassador from the University of Connecticut. Danielle is a Communications major with a concentration in Sociology. She will graduate in May.

Being an intern can put you in a bind sometimes as to when and where your next meal or snack will be coming from. Typically one just ends up grabbing whatever they can snag. However, if we want to be the best and give our employers the best of us, then we have to treat out bodies with respect. That begins with making good food and drink choices when out and about.

Coffee is a staple usually in an interns or students world. The problem is I always see students forget that beverages are part of our everyday diet and we should still make smart choices when choosing our morning pick me up.

Coffee is actually a very good item to include in your diet.  Studies show that coffee can help ward off mental decline, Parkinsons Disease, certain cancers, high blood pressure, and even extra pounds. Coffee also has a ton of antioxidants that help keep your skin glowing and radiant. But I am talking about regular black coffee, the giants coffee milkshakes some places offer will cancel out any of these benefits and replace it with mass amounts of sugar, fat, and unwanted calories. Today I will offer you some great choices when you step into that Coffee shop and have no time to even think about the health benefits of your cup of Joe. I will compile a list from one of the most prevelant coffee shops in the US and abroad: Starbucks.

Regular Coffee: Plain old coffee only has 5 calories, YUP 5 Calories in one cup! Just be careful when you add cream and sugar. One packet of sugar has about 10 calories but add cream and maybe some artificial flavor and your coffee could come in at under 100 calories per small cup. This is not bad by any means for a flavored cup of coffee, but if your dumping sugar into it and ordering a large you may get more than you bargained for. Instead of sugar try just the flavored syrup alone or try something like Truvia, a natural sweetener with 0 calories.

Latte: Starbucks has a great Vanilla Latte that if you order it Skinny, they use nonfat milk and sugar free vanilla syrup to make. This drink in a Tall (aka small) is only 90 calories and what I love about it is it is a great way to get dairy and calcium into your diet in the morning. This is good for people who don’t like milk and have a hard time getting calcium into their daily meals.

Frappuccino: Now if you have to have a milkshake like drink because its just one of those days, that’s fine. One every once in a while wont hurt you. But try and do the same thing with the Latte and order it Light. A tall Caramel Frappuccino Light only has 100 calories. Sure it’s a small but you will probably find that the small is just what you wanted anyways.

Iced Coffee: If you want something Iced, regular coffee is always a great bet, but if you’re looking for something fancier go with a flavored Ice Latte Skinny Style and it will only come in at about 60 calories and again you have the extra calcium in there.

Starbucks always has their nutritional information on hand in brochures near the sugar caddy and milk station. These are great to pick up and read to pass by time if there is a long line. There are plenty of good options to make, you just have to make the effort to inform yourself. Once you do it will come easy for you to make snap judgments when having to decide on anything that can effect your health. Remember if your healthy, your body is happy, you are happy, and well that makes a happy employer.