Have You Heard of Informational Interviews? (Part 1)

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Have You Heard of Informational Interviews? (Part 1)

This blog is written by Kate, our Campus Ambassador from the University of California, Davis!

“Hi I&m Kate Huang, a college student intern and would like to schedule an informational interview with you.”

Have you heard of informational interviews? They are interviews to learn more about any field of interest and job positions in detail. They are useful in gaining more information from people who have already “been there and done that”.

This summer I have conducted informational interviews with accomplished leaders. all valuable experiences.  With my internship, I have used it as an opener to any email introduction.  My little introduction shows that I am interested in the field and am already taking action for my future.

The informational interview is also a way to start building a network.  It’s a great tool for those like me who are still figuring out what to do in the real world and curious about all the job positions out there.   The person you want to interview would want to be someone who knows the field well and can give you information to answer your questions.

Based on my experience on informational interviews, I encourage you all to try it out.  This blog will be part of my four post series on informational interviews.