Have You Heard of Informational Interviews? Part 2

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Have You Heard of Informational Interviews? Part 2

This blog is written by Kate, our campus ambassador from the University of California, Davis!

I decided that informational interviews should be further expanded and every intern should definitely practice them.  Informational interviews can give you more application knowledge for your desired job.  I even know of adults in the field with jobs whom still conduct informational interviews, so you can see the importance of them.

For this sequel I decided to focus on whom you should ask.  It’s your personal time and your responsibility to ask the right people for the right information.  First of all, you can ask your immediate mentor or coworker.  They have been in the office for a longer period of time than you are, so take advantage of that knowledge!  Just mention what you’re interested in, you never know who they may know!  In any field, I believe who you know is more essential than what you know.

Don’t be afraid to network!  It’s good to let people know about you.  In that case, I say take a chance at any one that does what interests you.  There’s never a harm in cold calling or emailing someone.  I myself was hesitant in conversing with accomplished leaders in the community.  However my worries were not necessary since they were glad to share their experiences, assist in all the questions I had, and referred me to other professionals.

If there are any questions about informational interviews, please feel free to comment below!