Have You Met Cristina from Vienna University?

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Have You Met Cristina from Vienna University?

This is a Q&A with our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from Vienna University in Austria, Cristina.

1.     What are your three must-have items for an internship?

a.     Ambition

b.     Comfortable shoes

c.      Budget if the internship is not paid

2.     What are your three must visit websites each day?

a.     YahooMail

b.     Facebook

c.      Fashion related pages or blogs (Elle, Vogue, thecherryblossomgirl.com etc)

3.     What kind of cell phone do you have?

a.     Samsung

4.     Age-old question: Mac or PC?

a.     Sony VAIO

5.     What has been your favorite part about being an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

a.     I did not start a long time ago, but I like connecting with people and getting to know new people by promoting InternQueen

6.     Any advice for other interns?

a.     Do as many internships you can, especially in the industry you see yourself for the first couple of years, you cannot imagine how much it counts for your CV and also for you skills and competences