Have You Met Jackie from U of Wisconsin?

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Have You Met Jackie from U of Wisconsin?

This is a Q&A with our Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Jackie.

1. What are your three must-have items for an internship?

A positive attitude is necessary - look at each misstep as a learning experience, not a failure. Manner of dress is also important. Buy a blazer - you will not regret it. Third, coffee.

2. What are your three must visit websites each day?

I&m crazy about social media, as are most communications/journalism majors. Every day I have to visit Twitter (which I use as my main news source by following @huffpost and @nytimes, among others) and Facebook. My third must-visit website is Thought Catalog, the only blog I read religiously.

3. What kind of cell phone do you have?

I have an LG Optimus V, which runs Android.

4. Age-old question: Mac or PC?

My dad worked in IT his entire life, so I&ve grown up using PCs. I prefer the Windows OS, I find it much more intuitive than OSX.

5. What has been your favorite part about being an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

I really enjoy blogging. At the moment, I have a professional blog, a personal blog, a personal blog for my trip in Spain, I blog for the University of Wisconsin study abroad office, AND for InternQueen. Writing is one of my favorite things, and I love that InternQueen constantly has fresh, interesting content.

6. Any advice for other interns?

Every day at your internship, keep this in mind: the business world is a ladder, and although you&re near the bottom now, you&ll be near the top one day - and maybe have an intern of your own.