Have You Met Kim from NYU?

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Have You Met Kim from NYU?

This is a Q&A with our fantastic Intern Queen Campus Ambassador from NYU, Kim.

1. What are your three must-have items for an internship?

I wouldn’t be able to survive my internship without a cell phone charger, my Twitter account, and an open mind to try out new things!

2. What are your three must visit websites each day?

Twitter (obviously), Mashable, and Gawker!

3. What kind of cell phone do you have?

A lovely Droid X, with whom I’ve been having a torrid love affair with for the past year!

4. Age-old question: Mac or PC?

I was born and raised a PC girl – Papa Pham would die if I sold my soul and bought a MacBook!

5. What has been your favorite part about being an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

Meeting Lauren (the Intern Queen herself!) in NYC has by far been the highlight of my stint as NYU Campus Ambassador. Also, I love having the chance to flesh out my internship/college/life-related thoughts on the Intern Queen blog – just another amazing outlet to express myself!

6. Any advice for other interns?

Jump on social media as soon as you can – there are so many online tools that can truly change the way you interact and communicate with the world around you. Whether that’s connecting with like-minded individuals or learning about a new, disruptive service, staying ahead of the curve will make you a tech-savvy intern – a truly impressive trait in the twenty-first century.