Have You Met Marysa from Cal State Long Beach?

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Have You Met Marysa from Cal State Long Beach?

1. What are your three must-have items for an internship?

-Coffee before I start the day.  It&s so cliche, but it really helps me wake up and feel ready to take on whatever I need to do for the rest of the day!

-My planner.  I would DIE without my planner.  I carry it with me everywhere I go and I write my whole life in it!

-Hand sanitizer.  I know, kind of random.  During the day you may be meeting lots of people, shaking hands.  Or if you are in a small office and someone is sick, the last thing I want is to get sick!  I always say I don&t have time to be sick. I keep hand sanitizer with me just in case.

2. What are your three must visit websites each day?

-Mashable.com, described as a " top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture."  Need I say more?

-Twitter.com, just because it&s more useful than facebook and I #love using hashtags.  I am able to stay up to date on news from any field, my friends lives and celebrities lives through twitter.  I just got my roommate to start tweeting and she is obsessed.  It&s such a great tool to use for any student or business.

-Gmail.  It&s so important for me to keep up with my emails.  I get notifications, requests, information and other news all through my gmail account.  It makes me feel very grown up when I sit down in front of my laptop and have to respond to emails.

3. What kind of cell phone do you have?

I have a Droid Incredible.

4. Age-old question: Mac or PC?

MAC!  I love my Macbook!

5. What has been your favorite part about being an Intern Queen Campus Ambassador?

There are two things I love about being an IQ Ambassador.
1. I have been able to meet some incredible people through this program.  It&s exciting to meet other college students who have the same interests as I do and connect with them.  We live all over the world but we talk, text, tweet, skype and facebook daily!
2. The second is, by far, when I was able to meet The Intern Queen, Lauren.  I felt like I was with a celebrity!  We had a great evening running around to the different Sorority houses at my campus spreading the word about Intern Queen.  Lauren is a great role model and I am so fortunate to have been able to spend time with her in person!

6. Any advice for other interns?

Remember to keep your priorities straight.  It&s okay to make mistakes, but not if they could&ve been prevented in the first place.  If you know you have to be in the office at 8 am, don&t stay out with friends until 2 in the morning!  These internships are going to connect you with professionals who are looking for the best of the best and most likely have connections to other professionals in the same industry.  Don&t risk your chances of creating a bad name for yourself in a company OR industry when you aren&t even hired yet!