Have Your Best Senior Year

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Have Your Best Senior Year

This blog was written by Campus Ambassador Laura Notorangelo, a Business Communication major from Arizona State University.

Now that summer is winding down, it’s time to start planning for the upcoming fall semester. Once your fall semester is planned out well, you will have a very successful year to look back on.

Look Into Study Abroad options
In the real world, employers and graduate schools will receive many applications from various candidates. Studying abroad is something that will definitely set you apart to employers and graduate schools. They will appreciate how you went outside of your comfort zone and acclimated to a new culture. Traveling after college is harder because you have to take time off from a job, so look into scholarships and grants to make it happen!

Get your Senior Portrait
What better way to commemorate four years of hard work than having gorgeous professional pictures taken? Have photographs taken in your favorite outfit and cap & gown. These portraits will be precious gifts to relatives both distant and close, and will do your youth justice.

Make a Bucket List
You don’t want to have regrets when you graduate, so start making your college bucket list now! What have you always wanted to do while in college? Take a road trip, travel to California for spring break, go skydiving, go to a formal, get a club leadership position, start a club, or do something that scares you. When you look back on the best 4 years of you life, I hope that you are satisfied with the choices you made, the friends who stayed, and the lessons learned outside of class.