Healthy Choices for the Office

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Healthy Choices for the Office

It can be hard to eat healthy at work when you know there are cookies in the vending machine and pizza in the cafeteria. Indulging in these yummy treats every now and again is okay, but when you consistently go out for lunch or buy it at the office, it not only racks up the calories, but the dollars as well. (And we all know how hard being an unpaid intern can be on a bank account!)

Instead of buying your lunch every day, go grocery shopping on the weekend and make yourself some healthy, but delicious lunches instead.

Here are some ideas:
-Chicken Salad Wraps
-Toss Salads with tuna or chicken (avoid heavy dressings, however!)
-Mediterranean Sandwich (whole wheat bread with hummus, sliced turkey, cucumbers, black olives, and peppers)
-Soup (Amy’s Organic has great options!)
-Sautéed chicken breast and veggies

Pre-Pack Everything
Buy a chicken breast and salad ingredients and prepare everything on Sunday afternoon. Pre-pack the salads in Tupperware for each day of the week so you can easily grab and go in the morning. After cooking the chicken breast, use half of it to make chicken salad wraps and the other half can be used for the sautéed chicken breast and veggies.

Bag up fruits and veggies for each day of the week, and buy 100 calorie packs of hummus, cottage cheese, and other snacks of your choice.

Bring Snacks
If you anticipate the mid-morning and afternoon hunger pangs, you’ll avoid trips to the vending machine.

Here are some of my favorites:
-Greek Yogurt- Fage and Oikos are delicious!
-Fruits-berries, apples, bananas
-Veggies and hummus
-Cottage Cheese

This blog post was written by Amanda Brabec, our Campus Ambassador from The University of New Hampshire.