Help! How do I Get A Car For My Internship?

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Help! How do I Get A Car For My Internship? blog image

Help! How do I Get A Car For My Internship?

I can hear the nerves rattling inside everyone as you all prepare for that summer internship. I know that many of you are headed to cities like LOS ANGELES for the summer -- cities where it's desirable to operate a vehicle and drive to and from your internship. Here are a few solutions for those of you trying to figure out what to do about transportation during your internship in LA:

1. Enterprise Rent A Car: They have daily weekly, and monthly rates depending on how long you keep it for. There is a discounted monthly rate for students staying at the OAKWOODS Corporate Apartments. They will rent to you if you are under 21, they just need to check on your insurance. For more information, call their Studio City Location at: 323 882 6565. Talk to Eric and tell him you know the Intern Queen!

2. Rent-A-Wreck: When I was an intern in Los Angeles, I shipped my car out; but while I waited for my car to arrive I used RENTAWRECK. Even though they refer to their cars as "wrecks," I found them to be safe, comfortable and all in one piece! My dad was a fan of this company as well. They offer some great prices. Check them out HERE.

3. Ship Your Car! I've now shipped my car out to Los Angeles three times. This method works but can be pricey. You also want to make sure you don't leave anything in the vehicle. I made that mistake and I got many things stolen out of my car during the shipping process. I also recommend asking family members for suggestions when selecting a car shipping company -- you don't want to run into issues like I did.

4. Public Transportation: In Los Angeles, taxis can get expensive. The Los Angeles bus system is definitely doable. You can also take the underground METRO, depending on where you are going. To familiarize yourself with the city's bus stops and to see what stops are near your internship, check this LINK.

5. Drive On Out! When I interned in Los Angeles, several of my friends drove their cars out from places like Ohio and New Jersey -- it's a long way. I spoke to them about some of their "cross country tips" and they said to make a fun road trip out of it! Bring a friend and have them purchase a one-way plane ticket back from Cali so they can experience the drive and the stops-along-the-way with you! Just make sure you get your car checked out and your oil changed before the long drive. You don't want to break down!

Good luck and I hope these help! If you have more questions, feel free to leave comments below.