Help! I Always Procrastinate!

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Help! I Always Procrastinate!


Q: I am currently a student at Adelphi University and I recently heard about you through my schools website on your upcoming visit. I would love to get an internship at a major record label, dance studio and/or Broadway affiliated venture. I've tried several times before but have not been successful due to being ill-prepared and procrastination. I do not want to give up however, because I know that my passion lies within the performing arts. I'm currently a business management major but only because I want to make money doing something in the performing arts. I would like to know what it takes to gain these internships to a Def Jam or a Dance Theater of Harlem or anything of that nature.

Thank you for your time,

Dana, Student at Adelphi University (Garden City, New York)

A: Hi Dana,

I had a wonderful time at Adelphi yesterday. I’m glad to see this email coming in right now since its only November and you still have plenty of time to apply for Summer 2011 internships like the ones you’ve mentioned. I would encourage you to come up with a list of 10 ideal companies. Def Jam and Dance Theater of Harlem can be on your list. Do the research NOW and find out the deadlines so that you are prepared. If deadlines are in March for Summer 2011, make your goal to have your applications in by the last week of January. Make sure you research each company and right individual customized cover letters for each one. If you are a business major, that’s fine BUT you must connect the dots for the employer in your cover letter and state that you are interested in their specific company for A, B, and C reasons. If you just send them a resume and it says you are a business major, it will only confuse the employer. Good luck! Check out the Cedar Lake Ballet & WET Productions internships on our site


Lauren Berger

“The Intern Queen”