Help! I'm Scared To Move To A Big City Before Securing A Job

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Help! I'm Scared To Move To A Big City Before Securing A Job   blog image

Help! I'm Scared To Move To A Big City Before Securing A Job

I know that many of you just graduated and are thinking of moving to a new city. And it's scary -- I know! It can be frustrating because often times you have to live in a big city in order to secure a job offer in that city -- TRICKY and FRUSTRATING. Here are some tips to help you if you decide to take the plunge!

1. Get on a Budget. Try your best to calculate how much money your move will cost and how much you will need on a day-to-day basis until you land a job. Yes, thinking about your finances can be stressful but its all part of putting together a plan.

2. Set a Deadline For Yourself. You might not get a job right away -- that's okay. I suggest giving yourself eight months to a year. You can always get a waitressing job while your searching for the right thing. Just to clarify, I don't mean eight months to land your absolute dream job. I mean eight months to land you the first job that could potentially lead to the dream job.

3. Look For a Temp Job.There are many "temp" companies that source people to fill the kind of jobs that you want. You can call your dream companies' HR departments and ask them which temp agencies they work with; and you can also do this kind of research online. Temping is a great way to gain experience, make connections and potentially get hired full-time.

4. Do Some Prep Work On Where You Want To Live. Many people secure housing in a big city before they even move there. Popular websites include PadMapper, AirBNB, BarefootStudent -- and of course -- Craigslist.

5. Connect With Your University's Alum. Many colleges/universities have alumni clubs around the country. For example, a friend and I run the alumni club for the University of Central Florida in Los Angeles. We always get emails from students who move out after graduation and want help on housing, jobs, etc. We are as helpful as possible and share a common bond!

6. Don't Rush It. Creating a budget and saving up the right amount of money takes a minute. You don't have to make the move right after graduation if you haven't planned for it. Make a timeline and plan it out. You don't want to rush into a decision and then be stuck in a big city with no money. Write it down first!

7. Try to Connect With Others In Your Situation. Use all of your networks (alumni, sorority, family friends, etc.) and try to pinpoint some roommates ahead of time. Maybe you can find some other recent grads from your school with similar plans -- this always helps!