Helpful Hints for Back-To-School

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Helpful Hints for Back-To-School

This is a post from our James Madison Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Katie!

The end of the summer is always a time of transition and change. You are probably finishing up your oh so successful internship, filled to the brim with new knowledge and ready to head back to school. However, sometimes making the transition from home-life with mom and dad, and heading back to campus or your beginning a new fall routine can be a little stressful. Here are some helpful hints on transitioning from your summer life to the new fast paced fall scene with the utmost amounts of organization.

  • Know your schedule: before the first day of class I like to keep a handy, printed schedule with me all the time, whether I need it to find a room number and the name of my professor or to fill a friend in on when I’m free for lunch.  It has room numbers, times, professors, and sections of all classes I am enrolled in.
  • Purchase a planner: Being a savvy intern you probably already have one of these necessities, if you don’t however, these can keep your life in perfect order; especially with new classes, assignments, due dates, and parties you must keep track of.  Another positive, a planner is a safe place to keep your new class schedule, making scheduling a snap.
  • Write a packing checklist: From toothbrushes to tote bags, there are so many things to remember to pack when getting ready to leave for college the first time or the fourth time. Being a seasoned college packer, I have a premade list of things I make sure I bring with me. I also leave a few empty check boxes where I can fill in new items I know I am likely to forget. This way, I am always prepared to move into my new place, ready for whatever collegiate life has for me.
  • Load up my mp3 player: A new school year means new music.  When you hear a song, it can change you mood, set the tone, and make you remember a certain time in your life. Why not make a kick butt soundtrack to set a positive tone for the beginning of the semester.
  • Finally, thank mom and dad: Before leaving to go back to school, as corny as it sounds, I always make time to give a special thanks to my parents. Without them, most of us would not be the fabulous interns, (and people) we are today. So thanks!

Good luck heading back to school, have a safe, spectacular, and successful semester!