The Hidden NYC Workout

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The Hidden NYC Workout

This blog was written by Michelle Tarangelo, a Campus Ambassador from Florida State University.

When I told my friends I would be interning in New York City this summer, most of them said, “Oh my gosh, you are going to eat so many delicious foods everyday!” While that has been true, I also noticed that I am A LOT more active in the city than I am at home.

We all get too tired to hit the gym after work sometimes. Luckily, in NYC our workout sneaks up on us. For example, I calculated that my internship office is approximately one mile from my dorm. Since I walk to and from work three days a week, I walk two miles three days a week without even thinking about it! I try to walk as much as possible and only take the subway for long distances. All of our steps count, even when we are not at the gym!

Another great way to squeeze in some extra working out is taking the stairs. In NYC, you will find that many people take the stairs if they are going only to floors 1-3. On days that I skip the gym, I take the stairs 9 flights up to my dorm!

All of your efforts will add up eventually. Pair these little tricks with a healthy diet and you’re on your way to the best intern bod possible!