High School: A Really Cool Place to Be a Kid

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High School: A Really Cool Place to Be a Kid

This is a blog written by Elyse, one of our high school ambassadors! Elyse is a senior at Spring Creek Academy in Texas.

I was once a freshman dance junkie who pranced the school&s hallways in a plaid skirted uniform with knee high socks. I was once a sophomore who envisioned sitting in the seats of a subway station en route to the Conde Nast building in New York City. I was once a junior who daydreamed of Marchesa gowns and Miranda Priestly-like editors. I am now a senior who ditched the plaid skirts and black leotards. I am now a senior who has proudly walked the halls of Teen Vogue, subway seat and all. I can confidently say that although the path was bumpy, I have accomplished everything I ever imagined within these four years of high school.

The time has flown by quicker than what I expected, but in the midst of growing up, I have found pleasure in reminiscing on what used to be. To all those who are rushing the process of fleeing home and starting a new life in college, take a moment to savor these years. As cliché and corny as it may sound, by the time you&re turning 18 and everything appears scarier than the monsters under your bed, you&ll realize how golden it is to be a kid. College applications are time consuming, working a job is time consuming, and having more responsibilities is time consuming as well. Not to say that I&m not elated about what&s to come, but I&m not wishing for it to approach any sooner.

Instead of hoping the time will breeze away, make some goals for yourself to achieve by senior year. Nothing is more rewarding than feeling accomplished and knowing that you&ve done your job well. Don&t graduate with regrets, and if you feel as if that&s already happening before you&re given a cap and gown, fix the problem. There are too many days in a year to not act on something with a purpose. Take it from me, I was once the girl who didn&t want to do anything. It all works out in the end if you want it to, I promise.