Hiring Trends: Communications vs. Business

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Hiring Trends: Communications vs. Business

This blog was written by Victoria Maggio, Campus Ambassador at Penn State University. She is a senior dual majoring in Public Relations and Integrative Arts. Follow her on Twitter @VictoriaMaggio.

Wondering why your business and engineer friends are receiving job and internship offers while you’re stuck playing the waiting game? No worries, you’re not alone! According The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2010 student survey, the top five majors who received at least one offer were accounting, business administration, computer science, engineering and social sciences. The same majors also received the highest median salary offers. But what about the rest of us?

Often students with majors in communications, marketing and liberal arts are forced to wait until early spring to contact employers and begin the application process because the way the industry is set up.

Many companies that interview business students have very structured hiring calendars that do not vary year to year. They have specific schedules for when they visit schools and have the ability to make offers right on campus. Since the process doesn't change, they arrive on campuses early in the academic year. The hiring process for other positions such as marketing and communications is more dependent on the needs of the company and often this isn't known months ahead of time.

In the meantime, students in non-technical or business fields have the opportunity to conduct informational interviews to continue their research of potential employers and further consider their options. While it may be a little bit nerve racking to not yet have job or internship security, take the time to develop your portfolio, get more experience under your belt and network. The extra time may just be a blessing in disguise!