Hot Summer Days Interning- How to be cool, and warm!

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Hot Summer Days Interning- How to be cool, and warm! blog image

Hot Summer Days Interning- How to be cool, and warm!

This blog post was written by Victoria Rihl, our Campus Ambassador from West Virginia University.

If your summer internship is anything similar to mine, you’re inside sitting at a desk most of the days. This summer, I’m interning with the Philadelphia Wings lacrosse team. So during the week I’m in an office, and during the weekends, I’m out and about at tournaments. Air conditioning to the hot summer air doesn’t exactly fit all into one wardrobe, however I’ve found a few ways to make it work!

One of my favorites, the classic skinny, black, almost Capri, pant. These are the pants that are cut right about or right below the ankle. They are classic pants that can be easily dressed up with a heel when your inside interning, and can be dressed down with a cute sandal when outside.

Another great way to deal with the different temperatures is cute basic tops under a basic cardigan. For example, take a solid color top with a little embellishment, and add a solid color cardigan on top. This works best so you can keep cool in the air conditioning, and then take off the cardigan for the warm drive home. Cardigans are also great over dresses. Once again, it’ll keep you cool and looking professional in the office, and a quick change to be cool once your outside.

Cardigans are also perfect for the male intern! Cardigans can go just over a nice solid color t-shirt, and keep you looking professional. Another great piece for men, are the Ralph Lauren button ups. They are lightweight and easy to tuck in and tuck out for comfort when switching between air conditioning and the heat.
So getting a whole new wardrobe just for an internship isn’t ideal for college students, however if you go to places like Old Navy, Gap, and Ann Taylor, they offer great basic selections at very reasonable prices. Also try TJMaxx, and Marshalls. Both stores offer name brands for much cheaper prices, especially for those boy button ups. So much sure you stay cool this summer, while staying professional!