Hot Tip: Be Productive!

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Hot Tip: Be Productive!

This blog was written by our NEW Campus Ambassador, Alex W., from Penn State. 

Being the busy college students that we all are, it’s sometimes hard to find free time. When we finally find some, it’s hard to decide what to do with it. Some people may opt to watch television; others work out, but I enjoy being productive in a different way. I know it may sound crazy, but sometimes my best work gets accomplished when I am sitting on the couch, relaxing watching TV. I have found five ways to keep up with that extra stuff we all have to deal with – while still enjoying your down time.

  1. Clean out and organize your email – During the week, I receive so many emails it’s hard to keep track of them all. When I am using my computer between classes or while watching television, I go through my email and delete all my outdated emails. I use Gmail, and it allows me to color coordinate all my emails based on the nature of the information. It’s so helpful to just look for a certain color versus scrolling through all my emails that look the same. If you don’t use Gmail, you can group all your similar emails into folders. Make sure to also empty your trashcan every so often so that you don’t go over your usage amount.
  2. Update your resume – This is so important because we are always adding to our activities and accomplishments. Include the new information along with the past, and edit any other outdated information necessary. Keep it no longer than one page and always use an easy to read format.
  3. Organize and add to your portfolio – Make sure that all your information is organized in a neat and easily accessible manner. If you have work that has not been added yet, file it in. Make sure that the most important pieces are near the front because they will be big talking points during interviews. If you do not have a portfolio, it is easy to create one. A portfolio will ultimately benefit you and will set you apart from those who don’t have one.
  4. Check twitter – The rise of the Internet has our generation glued to social media. While checking out the latest tweets of your friends, research trends of companies that interest you. Follow them so that all their posts show up on your timeline and read their newest stories. It’s important to keep up with trends and topics because they are constantly changing and what easier was to do so than through Twitter.
  5. Send a card – I love to write hand written notecards! Whether it’s to my sister, my best friend in California or a past employer, I enjoy just saying hello. When it comes to past employers, its important to touch base three times per year to maintain that relationship. If you haven’t spoken with them recently, pick up a pack of blank stationary and write to them today. It’s a quick and easy way to let them know that you are thinking of them.


Hope you enjoy my productivity tips!  Comment below and let me know how it turns out!