Housing for Your Internship in DC!

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Housing for Your Internship in DC!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am so excited to share a new video with you today! 

I get questions about all things internships, whether that is how to land one or deal with housing during that term. We have a lot of fall interns We spend a lot of time talking about summer housing, but for all fall interns - we’ve got you covered! 

We’ve briefly introduced you guys to our friends at WISH (Washington Intern Student Housing) - they were out Intern Queen DC Sponsor :) and offer housing all year for students! They have fully furnished rooms, host social events for all interns, and is surrounded by famous landmarks. 

Watch the video below so you can learn more about what WISH offers! Feel free to leave a comment - I love reading and responding to each one of them! And as always, thank you everyone for your support! 



Lauren Berger 

The Intern Queen