Housing for Your Internship in NYC!

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Housing for Your Internship in NYC!

When I was in college I dreamed about interning in New York City. Unfortunately this wasn’t super easy because I lived in Florida. Although, interning in the city during the school year was not really an option for me I looked forward to the summers because I knew that was my chance to fly to the city and really get a glimpse of the New York life while I was interning. There was only one problem… I didn’t have a place to stay.

Finding housing when you don’t live in the area can get overwhelming (trust me, I know). I had to go through craigslist a few times and although everything turned out fine I knew there had to be a way to make it easier and of course safer! Since starting Intern Queen back in 2009 I set out to find the BEST options out there for students like me- who want to intern in another city and gain experience- but need housing!

One of those options is the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York! They offer so many amazing amenities at affordable prices! Totally safe and perfect for your time in NYC this summer!

By choosing to house with them you get to stay at Kaufman Hall Residence (located between 31st street and 9th avenue). Their apartments include kitchens and private bathrooms. They have 24 hour security, cable and internet! The best part- they're walking distance to public transportation and conveniently located close to all that NYC has to offer (including your summer internship)!

Get full info and apply HERE

If you still need some help landing that internship in New York feel free to email support@internqueen.com and we’ll send you a list of companies that are hiring.