How to Ask for Letters Of Recommendation

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How to Ask for Letters Of Recommendation

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Summer is coming to an end. That means that you are probably wrapping up your summer internship and it’s time to ask your supervisor for a letter of recommendation.

Asking your supervisor for that letter can be a bit intimidating but have no fear because the Intern Queen is here! In my new Youtube video, I share some tips on how to ask for that letter of recommendation. 

For this video, I talk about helpful tips and some don’ts when it comes down to asking for that reference letter, two weeks before your internship ends. I’m sure that you acquired important skills during your summer internship and your supervisor can state that in your reference letter.  Once you have the letter, you are armed and ready to keep chasing your dreams!

Make sure you are ready to ask your boss for your letter of recommendation by watching the full video here:


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Lauren Berger
Intern Queen