How to avoid all problems on your interview day

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How to avoid all problems on your interview day

This blog post was written by Jacqueline Murphy, our Campus Ambassador from University of New Hampshire.

• Lay out your outfit the night before. Make sure to dress the part by being overly professional as opposed to dressing business casual or especially casual. Even if your interviewer ends up wearing jeans while you are in a suit jacket, you are better off coming off professional from the beginning. If and when you start your internship/job you will be able to gauge what to wear on a daily basis based on what others wear and begin to have flexibility in your outfit decisions, the first day however, you do not.

• Keep tide to go in your purse and any other necessities to keep your look fresh. You may even want to invest in a Mr. & Mrs. Emergency kit, which has everything from stain remover to nail polish, a small sewing kit, and deodorant in one easy to carry container.

• Test out your coffee mug the day before by turning it upside down while filled with water. It would be hazardous if your coffee mug spilled brown liquid all over your interview ready outfit.

• Make sure your purse/or bag has a zipper so that any clutter is concealable. If a zippered bag is not an option, make sure the bag you bring is presentable and very organized.

• Invest in a leather portfolio to keep extra resumes and lists of your references. The more copies you have the better, because more than one person could interview you. These portfolios also have folder space in which you can keep business cards of all the people who interview you.