How to Be a Savvy Saver When Buying Textbooks

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How to Be a Savvy Saver When Buying Textbooks

This Blog was written by Alyssa our Campus Ambassador from SUNY Plattsburgh. If you attend SUNY Plattsburgh and would like to blog for us, comment here.

As the fall semester is rapidly approaching for many of us students going back in the fall, it&s time to start thinking about the dreaded topic of textbooks. I know that you are going into the semester thinking you are going to spend a couple hundred dollars on books and materials for the semester, but not this year. The Intern Queen as introduced a new way to save money and get textbooks for a great price. It&s called the Intern Queen Bookstore where you can rent textbooks for the semester you need them for and at the end of the semester you simply return them.

The benefits of renting textbooks:

1. You don&t have to spend the outrageous price bookstores sell you the book for

2. When textbook buy back comes around you don&t cry because they only offer you a $1.00 for the book you bought for $100

3. There aren&t a pile of textbooks all over your dorm or apartment

4. The book is only rented for the time period you need it


How does it work?

- Go to

- Put in either the ISBN number or the title of the book (Managerial Accounting ISBN:9780073379616)

- Pick how long you will need the book for ( My semester starts the 29th and finals are the week of the 12th, So I would pick 125 days)

- When your finished with the book send it back


Most professors are willing to tell you when and how much they actually use the book so if you know your not going to use it until the end of the semester or vice verse rent the book for only the time you&ll need it and save money!

ALSO there is a deal going on right now if you order before August 20th all new semester rentals are extended until December 23rd & FREE shipping both ways!

This is such a great way to save money and get your books at a reasonable price. Let us know how your textbook renting goes for this semester and how much you save!