How to Be Successful: An Interview with ESPN's Linda Cohn

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How to Be Successful: An Interview with ESPN's Linda Cohn blog image

How to Be Successful: An Interview with ESPN's Linda Cohn

This blog is written by Emily Longeretta, spring intern for the Intern Queen from SUNY Oswego.

While waiting to hear back from about summer internships and future jobs, I often flipped through my favorite TV channels, watching my idols with their dream jobs. We all dream about one day having successful careers like these people. So, I took it the initiative to interview one. I did my research and saw that many went to my small school of SUNY Oswego. I wanted to see how they got to where they were, what tips they had for college students about to graduate (like me), and how to move forward towards my dream career. So, one of my idols took the time to speak with me.

This are some of the things I learned from author of "Cohn-Head" and ESPN sportscaster, Linda Cohn.

Jump on opportunity. "I hate the Yankees, but Yogi Berra said a good quote. 'If there's a fork in the road, take it.' There's not only one path to success, and there may be a few detours."

Intern."My first semester of senior year, I did an intenship in New York City at a radio station called WNCA. Internships open doors. Once it opens, you have to see the opportunity." Cohn explained that her first job out of college was at a small radio station in her home town. She let them know that her goal was sports reporting, and volunteered to drive an hour to cover the Islanders game (even though she was a huge Rangers fan!) "It opened more doors for me in the business and in sports! I realized that this was the journey; you have to create the journey."

Get involved. "Once you're in college, do EVERYTHING. Get involved as much as you can, on-campus, off-campus, in the city and in the community. Also, volunteer - it's not all about college credit. It all builds your resume."

Never stop growing. Linda Cohn took on a radio show on top of her regular newscasting job with ESPN; they told her the only way they could offer her a radio show was if she did both. "It's a 14-hour day, but you never stop trying to push yourself and be better. I'm always thinking 'how can I continue to grow?'"

Sell Yourself. It's networking now. The key is, theres no method to the maddness but you have to try to meet people who are already in the business-- you have to do what you can to network and try to get an interview and get an opportunity." Cohn would contact businiesses she had worked with before to drop off her resume IN PERSON. "I'd call and say 'do you have ten minutes? I am going to be in town this week.' Do as much as you can to try to make contacts. I'd follow up with people who saw me in action. If not them, people they know."

Want to learn more, pick up a copy of Linda Cohn's amazing book "Cohn-Head."