How to Bring Intern Queen To Your Campus

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How to Bring Intern Queen To Your Campus

We&ve had several students write in about how to bring me to your campus. We&ve had great crowds recently at Syracuse, West Virginia University, Purdue, and others! In order for me to travel to your campus and take the time out of the office, we need to come up with a small budget. I can go over pricing individually if you contact me through the site. We do offer special rates for select student groups. Here are a few ways that work:

1. Speak to your career center about bringing me in for Spring 2011, Fall 2011, or Spring 2012. I come to campus through the career center&s frequently.

2. Get a student group on campus to sponsor. Remember, these have to be student groups with a budget. Student groups that have worked in the past are PRSSA, Student Government, Business Fraternities, Sororities, Ad Club, Marketing Club, Women In Communications, SPJ, Entrepreneur&s Club, Women in Business, and others.

3. Go to your Campus Activities Board - these are the folks who bring in comedians, magicians, and also speakers. William and Mary recently brought me in through their Campus Activities Board.

I look forward to coming to all of your schools. Be sure to check my recent appearances as block booking is always ideal!

Lauren Berger
"The Intern Queen"