How To Bring the Intern Queen to Your School

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How To Bring the Intern Queen to Your School

This blog is written by Silvia, our campus ambassador from Ithaca College.

Ever think of having an exciting speaker come to your campus? Well, I have and it’s
someone you all know, the one and only Lauren Berger, the “Intern Queen”. Getting Lauren
on my campus was no easy task but it’s something we’re all looking forward to. Here’s my
story on the steps I took, as a student at Ithaca College as well as treasurer of PRSSA (Public
Relations Student Society of America) to get her to come, and boy are we excited!

1) Spoke to Lauren’s agent on the process of getting her here and her availability.
2) Presented the idea to fellow PRSSA e-board members who were also thinking of
getting her on campus, as part of our big fall event.
3) Created a budget proposal for SGA (Student Government Association) in order for
them to allocate money.
4) Budget proposal meeting ( Dun..Dun..Dun..) This was the scary part, presenting to
SGA why it was so important to have her come, what difference it would make on
our campus, and showcasing her strong entrepreneurial skills.
5) Waiting for the response on the allocation.
6) GRANTED! YAY! We received full funding for the event….now to all the paper work.
7) Sending contracts, and paper work back and forth, surprisingly not as horrifying as I
thought it would be. Her people are easy to work with.
8) Let the promotions begin! Worked with Lauren’s advertising material to have it
relate to the Ithaca College campus.
9) Printed tons of posters posted them on numerous bulletins on campus, an
interactive bulletin online, press releases campus wide, and placed them on
numerous screen monitors.
10)Seeing Lauren is free of cost, but in order to attend you must have a ticket because
seating is limited. We decided to table on campus so people can pick up tickets and
priority seating was given to paid-dues members of PRSSA and AMA (American
Marketing Association).
11)Waiting for Lauren. All the work is done, now we must wait for the big event!

Hope these 11 steps were helpful to you, and the process of getting Lauren to your school.
Best of luck!