How to Charm Your Way Through a Job Fair

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How to Charm Your Way Through a Job Fair blog image

How to Charm Your Way Through a Job Fair

This blog post was written by Intern Queen Campus Ambassador Emily Haley from Elon University

As graduation is rapidly approaching, you may find yourself lying awake at night imagining what your post-college career will look like. Where do you even begin applying? Many universities host job fairs for students to connect with recruiters for jobs and internships. This is an awesome opportunity to network and discover companies and programs you’ve never heard of. Although a job fair may be daunting at first, here are some tips to charm your way through it:

Order standout business cards. If you are entering a creative field such as communications, public relations, design, etc. you have the liberty to opt out of the standard black and white business cards. offers creative and affordable business cards with pre- or custom-designed cards. Create a business card that you are proud to hand out. In your best Oprah voice: “YOU GET A BUSINESS CARD! AND YOU GET A BUSINESS CARD!”

Do your research. Before the job fair find out which companies will be present. Just like a wedding, you need to make an A list and a B list (and maybe even a C list) to prioritize which companies are most important to you. Chances are you will not have enough time (or stamina) to meet with every representative.

Wear an accent piece. Employers will talk to dozens and dozens of students during the job fair that inevitably all faces will start to blend together. Wear a standout piece like an elephant scarf, statement necklace or pink blazer to set yourself apart from all the others. Don’t forget to dress professionally.

Go in for the handshake. Maintain eye contact, smile and say, “Hi, my name is Beyoncé,” er, whatever your name actually is. Don’t be shy and don’t wait for them to initiate a handshake. This is your opportunity to show your confidence!  

Have awesome questions. To show that you’ve done your research, try not to ask questions that you could find the answer to on their website. Instead, ask a detailed question to show that you’ve done your research. Or ask a question about their experiences with the company – for example, “In your experience at this firm, what would you say are the qualities shared by the most successful employees?”

Now you’re ready. Go get em’ tiger!