How to Create a Positive New Media Image

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How to Create a Positive New Media Image

This blog was written by Hillary Jett, a 2012 spring intern for the Intern Queen. She is a junior at Ithaca College studying marketing with a minor in computing technologies. Twitter: @hajett

New media has become one of the largest and fastest growing communities of our generation. After a semester interning for the Intern Queen, a company that has found success and prestige from its social media presence, I’ve begun to understand the value of a positive new media image. Here are a couple of things I think help strengthen your reputation and brand image:

1. You don’t want to be the fly on the wall. If you’re going to create a social media profile to promote a brand you can’t blend in. There are hundreds of thousands of people on Facebook and Twitter every day: give them something they’re going to remember. Every time you share something think: Am I presenting something valuable worth sharing? Am I expressing it in the clearest and most direct way? You don’t want your announcement to get jumbled on your audience’s timeline or twitter feed—make them stop and read what you have to say.

2. Grammar is very important. Don’t post something with misspellings or incorrect grammar. I also try to avoid “u” or “r” to shorten messages: if Twitter has taught our generation anything it’s that there is probably a way to shorten what you want to say to 140 characters: think harder.

3. Give feedback. If you post something and there’s a response, either positive or negative, address it! There is no better way to reach your audience than by making them feel like they’re being heard.

4. Spread out your messages. You don’t want to bombard your audience with a bunch of ideas at one time. Try to live by the rule of one update per hour. Work out a schedule; be consistent in your updates from day-to-day.

Even though a lot of this probably seems redundant or something you assume everyone knows, it’s not. Just always remember this: social media is great. It’s a fantastic way to connect to people across the world for hundreds of thousands of reasons. But once you’ve created a profile you are searchable by anyone. That means employers, prospective clients, your friends, your mom, or the president of the United States. Be aware. Don’t let a negative social media presence hurt you later in life!