How to Create Your Personal Brand!

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How to Create Your Personal Brand!

Let’s face it. Your online presence is more important than ever. Students often ask me if employers are looking at their social media before hiring them and my answer is absolutely!

We live in an era where we all have some sort of online presence whether we like it or not. I know it sounds like this can be negative but it can actually be good. You can cater your online presence and create your personal brand so that when employers look for you, you have a chance to impress them even more!

Today’s video is a special collaboration with Aileen also known as Lavendaire on Youtube! I stumbled across her channel and was so inspired by her videos that I thought it would be amazing if we could film a collab. I’m so glad we did because she is sharing all her tips for creating that personal brand online.

Watch our tips in the video below. :)


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