How to Deal with Hearing "No"

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How to Deal with Hearing "No"

This blog was written by Madison Elliot, a Public Relations major from Quinnipiac University.

Spring is in the air and the warm weather is reminding us that summer is almost here. Most of us have been rigorously applying for summer internships or jobs and get to work for the company of our dreams, while others of you may not so lucky. Sadly, some of us will not be getting a single yes to the 10 jobs or internships we applied to this summer. In other words, you’ll be begging your former employer for your old summer job back, you know, the one that you said “good riddance” to last summer because you promised yourself you would never see the inside of that place again. Oh yeah, that one.

It’s a hard concept to grasp but we might as well say it out loud together right now, ready?

People will reject you, they will say no, and you will not always get what you want.

There, don’t you feel better already? A lesson I learned from Lauren Berger, the Intern Queen herself, is that not everyone is going to want you. The world is filled with rejection, but there are two ways of handling it. You can let that rejection make you or break you. Yes, their will always be someone smarter, taller, more personable, speaking more languages, or has one more skill that you don’t. But never forget that one day you will be that one person who is more qualified, smarter or all around a better candidate for the job.

After the “No” gives you a cold, harsh slap in the face you can mope around, maybe eat a carton of ice cream, and curl up and watching all five seasons of Gossip Girl, or you could take that “No” and show it whose boss. Having an understanding that you will get rejected is good, but letting that two-letter world ruin your day and stop you from attempting other internship or job opportunities in the future, is definitely not what an Intern Queen prodigy would do. I admit, from personal experiences, that when I first received the “No” in high school, I felt more heart broken then Ali and Noah when their summer romance ended. When I didn’t get the lead in a school musical I wanted, I considered dropping the production completely. Someone wise once told me “their needs to be a storm before you can see a rainbow,” so I stuck with it and made the best of the opportunity I was given.

I ended up stealing the show and was recognized by my entire school and teachers that had no idea I could act. That’s when I realized the “No” was not telling me to give up, but just giving me an obstacle to make my successes that much more rewarding. So, take the “No” with confidence and use it to make you better, because yes, that little two-letter word will find you and when it does, you’ll be ready for it!