How Do I Find the Internship I Want?

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How Do I Find the Internship I Want?

Q:Hey Lauren,

My name is Morgan, I&m entering my fourth year at Rutgers University. I was wondering if you knew about internships with Non-Profit or Human Rights organizations in NYC or New Jersey among college students. Thanks for all the help.


A: Hi Morgan!

Thanks for your note. We LOVE Rutgers and actually have two campus ambassadors at your school! You&ll have to blog for us in the future :) That is great that you want an internship with a non-profit or human rights org. I would def. check out the non-profit listings on our site but otherwise, you will need to create your Intern Queen Dream List. A list of 10 companies where you would like to intern. To find out who these companies might be - research online and go to your career center. You could write in employers from my site as well. Write out the company website, contact info, materials required, deadline, date you apply, and  date to follow-up. Follow-ups should be two weeks after you send out your materials. Decide you are going to get an internship and don&t stop until you land one. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Good luck.

xx Lauren Berger

"The Intern Queen"