How Do I Land a Fashion PR Internship?

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How Do I Land a Fashion PR Internship?

Q: Hi Lauren,

I am a third-year business student at Seneca College in Toronto, Ontario. I will be finishing my certificate program in April 2012. After I complete my certificate program, I am hoping to apply to a university or to an accredited  public relations program. I am very interested in public relations and fashion. I am not necessarily interested in fashion design, instead, something along the lines of behind the scenes work, fashion marketing, or fashion PR. I currently live in Toronto, Canada. Here is my question for you: What is your best advice on how to go about getting an internship? I wouldn&t mind traveling to a place like New York or Los Angeles for the internship.

Thank you,

A: Hi Laura,

Toronto is a great city! I would start local and look for a public relations opportunity around town. Perhaps there is an opportunity that you could do during the fall or spring semester? For your first internship, research local publicity firms with fashion clients. A way to do this is to look up your favorite Toronto designers or local boutiques and see which firms run their PR. Make a list of ten companies in the area and apply for each. If you have your heart set on a New York or Los Angeles internship, follow the same advice. Put your top ten companies you&d want to intern for into one document, go to the company websites, find out what the requirements are, and send out your applications. Good luck!