How to Dress for the Fashion Forward Interview

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How to Dress for the Fashion Forward Interview

You have received a call back from your dream fashion company with an offer for an interview, now what? After freaking out for however long is necessary, it’s time to prep.

As opposed to any other company, regular interview outfit rules do not apply. Forget the pantsuit and the black blazer (unless it really is a piece of work) and channel yourself through your interview outfit. Fashion interviews give potential employees an opportunity to be creative with what they wear, use this to your advantage! That being said – cropped t-shirts, short shorts, and anything else exposing too much skin is a definite no. Also, keep in mind that just because it is fashion it does not mean that what you are wearing has to be by a designer or expensive, use your best judgment.

After picking out your interview outfit, research the company. Visit useful career websites such as and look for questions that interviewees have been asked in the past. If it is an interview with a magazine make sure you are familiar with the magazine’s mission statement, editors and their work, the photographers that they use, and who the directors of the magazine are. If it is a PR firm then make sure you know whom their clients are. Pulling an Andrea Sachs and winging it is not a good idea in the real world.

Before the interview, make sure to have enough time to get ready and to relax. Whether you need to do yoga the night before or listen to music, do whatever you need to be confident and calm during the interview. One of the most important tips that I can give is to be yourself. Don’t memorize your answers or rehearse what you think your potential employers would like to hear, after all if they hire you it is going to be for who you are. Working along somebody who pretends to be someone else really sucks and having to fake it the whole way will probably suck even more.

This blog post was written by Paola Reyes, our Campus Ambassador from University of Texas at Austin.