How to Find Summer Housing in NYC!

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How to Find Summer Housing in NYC!

When I was in college it was a dream of mine to intern in NYC! As you know, I lived in Florida with my parents so this wasn’t super easy for me. The first thing on my mind was - housing. Where was I going to live? I tried to put that in the back of my mind until I actually landed an internship. Then it happened. I landed my dream internship in NYC so I needed to figure out where I’d be staying ASAP. It had to be affordable, convenient and most of all safe (because I had to convince my parents).

As I was looking through various options a family friend recommended I check NYU’s Summer Housing Program. In this program, NYU opens their residence halls to non-students & interns over the summer. It was the perfect fit! Not only were my parents reassured of my safety in the big city (because we had a 24/7 security guard); but I was also able to get on NYU's meal plan, use the gym and have nice, clean laundry facilities. Utilities, cable and internet were even included! I ended up saving a ton of money living in NYU Summer Housing versus getting an apartment somewhere by myself in the city. Plus, I was able to hang out with all of the other interns staying there. It was definitely a win-win overall.

Applications just went live today! To find out how to apply just go to:

Once you submit your application they will notify you within 4 weeks if you are accepted and where you will be staying!

Have more questions? Visit: