How To Follow Up With Companies When You Don’t Have a Contact

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How To Follow Up With Companies When You Don’t Have a Contact  blog image

How To Follow Up With Companies When You Don’t Have a Contact

Here’s an example. Sarah Smith applies for an internship with NBC Universal through their website – she wants to follow up to find out if she is being considered, she doesn’t have a contact, what can she do? Here are the five things I would tell Sarah to do:

1. Where did the internship originate? In this case, the NBC internship is actually listed on among other sites. I would encourage Sarah to email the contact link on and email us to ask if we have any advice for her. Whenever you email someone to ask about the status of an internship, you want to provide your information. With our contact form, you can’t send any attachments. You want to have as little email back and forth as possible. Email us, tell us your name, your school, the date you submitted your application, and the exact position title that you applied for. With our website, we have a specific contact at NBC so if we were impressed with your follow-up email, we might be able to find out some information for you.

2. Visit Your Career Center. It’s very possible that a contact at NBC has reached out to your school to promote the internship. You may as well stop by the career center, ask if they have a contact, and ask if they have any advice for you on how to follow up. Perhaps they have someone they are able to follow up with directly.

3. Search LinkedIn. Type the company name into LinkedIn (NBC) and select people. This will show if you are connected to anyone directly at NBC or if anyone you know is connected to someone at NBC. Don’t be nervous. Connect and send a message to any second connections on LinkedIn that aren’t blocked. You can also look at alumni connections meaning people who graduated from your school and currently work at NBC. Make sure to state in the request what you are trying to do. An appropriate note to send would be:

Hi ____,

I’d love to connect. I applied for a summer internship with NBC on February 25th and wanted to follow up on the status of the application. I’d also love to connect with you and find out more about your specific experience with NBC and how you got started.


Sarah Smith

4. Look into local events. Every year, my company throws an event called The Intern Queen Party. This event features many employers from major companies in NYC. If you were at the event last year, you would have met (in person) the internship coordinator from NBC. Always look out for events like this and opportunities to connect (in-person) with employers. These are the best kind of relationships and if you stay in touch – can take you far!