How to Generate Story Ideas

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How to Generate Story Ideas

This blog is written by Victoria, our campus ambassador from West Virginia University.

We’ve all had that one English class where your forced to come up with a news topic, and cannot think of anything to write about. For me, that’s happened twice in the last year and both times I am cursed with writers block. No matter how hard I try, I cannot think of anything worth writing about. Hense, how I got this story idea.

However this year I am taking a class for my major, and I’ve had a teacher that has taught me really good ways to come up with story ideas. So I’m going to share those ideas, because I think it will help all of you bloggers out there, and just anyone who has writers block in general.

  1. Ease Drop – If your sitting in class waiting for your professor to arrive, look around and listen. Listen to what the people next to you are talking about, what the people in front of you are doing on their cell phones. This will give you a good idea of what people are interested in, and what people will be interested in reading about. For example, if you hear a bunch of people complaining about the recent increase of prices around campus, investigate and find things out. That way, you will be writing a story that people around you are interested in.
  2. Think of something that can relate to your own life – Chances are, if you are in college and something is of interest to you, it’s of interest to another college student as well. Take a general topic that relates to you, and you can see relating to a lot of other people as well, and write about it. People like to read about things that are relatable.
  3. Think about what is going on every weekend – What is an activity around your campus or your high school that occurs every weekend? (And no not just the parties) Think about something outside of the usual cliché of parties every weekend, but rather something else that happens around campus every weekend that is a hidden secret, or not many people know about. This too can help you get involved in things that you otherwise wouldn’t.
  4. And finally, write about something that is going to be of interest to you.  If you aren’t into your own story, then why should anybody else be? If you stay interested in your story, so will everyone else. So make sure you write about something, that is going to keep you, as the writer, entertained the whole time.