How to Get an Internship in Politics!

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How to Get an Internship in Politics!

Political internships like any other is all about networking and putting yourself out there. If you’re looking for an internship in politics and in Washington DC I have a few tips that can help you take the steps to landing the internship.

With the help from our friends at College to Congress finding that internship became a little bit easier. When looking for a political internship one of the most important things that you need to establish is what side you’re on. Are you a Democrat? Are you a Republican? Now once you know which side you advocate for what issues are important to you? You want to know “Your” issues and do the research on the issue and find out which congressmen advocate works with that issue.

On top of doing research on the issues that the congressman you’re looking to intern for are advocating for you also want to research their hometown to make that instant connection. One more tip for networking is to call your local congressman and set up informational interviews and ask them for their recommendations as they may know people in DC that might interest you.

I just want all of you to know that all these tips come from a great non-profit organization called College to Congress. They not only help young college students get internships in politics, but they also offer a full ride scholarship so that you don’t have to worry about these internships being unpaid.

For more information watch the video below: