How I Balanced Two Internships This Summer

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How I Balanced Two Internships This Summer

Landing one internship is difficult enough. So how did I end up with two? Well let me start by saying, I definitely did not plan on juggling two internships at once. If you asked me a few months ago what I was doing this summer, I would have responded, “I have no idea.” Flash forward to today, I am interning at two amazing companies: 20th Century Fox and Traylor Brothers.


How did I get lucky enough to land two internships?

I was interviewing with several companies when I received my first offer from Traylor Brothers, a civil engineering firm. Since I had no other offers at the time, I accepted their offer and was thrilled to have finally landed an internship! Then about a week later, I received another offer from 20th Century Fox, one of the “Big 6” American film studios. Now I had a problem. I had two amazing offers. A problem I never thought I would have to worry about. I felt extremely conflicted and could not bring myself to make a decision. Then I thought to myself, if you can make it work, why not do both internships? So I explained my situation to each company and was able to successfully coordinate part-time hours at both companies!


Balancing two internships

Time management is essential when working multiple jobs. Coming from somebody who is usually late to everything, I had to make a huge adjustment when I started my internships. I work two days at 20th Century Fox, two days at Traylor Brothers, and one half-day at each company. It’s a crazy schedule and a lot of my time is spent commuting. I’ve learned it is better to plan ahead and manage your time wisely so you don’t have to worry about stressing out later. For example, I make sure to go to bed early enough so that I won’t stress about being tired at work.

Another simple thing I do at both of my internships is keep organized task lists. This way, I can prioritize my most important tasks and separate my work. Having two internships means I report to multiple bosses. Often, I get different projects from different bosses within the same hour. So I make sure to take careful notes of who assigned me the task, when they assigned it, and the project deadline. Since I am not at the same job every day, this helps me jump right back into my work without wasting time.


Exploring different industries

The great thing about doing two internships is you get the chance to explore different career paths. If you are uncertain about what you want to do in the future, I highly recommend applying for internships in different fields. You never know what you might like! Not only will it give you more career choice after graduation, but it will also help you find something you are truly passionate about. So, be ambitious and don’t limit yourself to just one internship!


About the Author

Jillian is a senior at UC Davis studying Economics and Communications. When she is not working or studying, she is most likely traveling! Last year, she spent four months studying abroad in Milan, Italy!