How I Find Balance Between the Social Scene and School

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How I Find Balance Between the Social Scene and School

This is a guest post from our current campus ambassador Lindsay Hopkins. Lindsay is a senior at Wilfrid Laurier University, majoring in communications.

It’s Friday night and you’ve just finished your last class.  You’ve got hours and hours of homework ahead but the second you walk into your house you hear the music blasting.  Your roommates are all over the house swapping dresses and practicing the perfect smoky eye in excitement for the night’s events.  You begin to think about what you will wear that night as you set your backpack down and then it hits you, to party or not to party?

This is a question that I believe every student struggles with.  Whether male or female, first or fourth year, everyone strives to find the balance between school and the social scene.  Unfortunately there is no one answer to this question.  Everyone must discover the perfect balance on their own through trials and tribulations, that’s just life!  However, I have discovered some tips throughout my three years of University that have helped me keep my school, friends, parents and most importantly ME content.

Tip Number One: It’s all about the people your surround yourself with.  You will never find a balance between school and partying if your friends don’t agree with you.  The best thing to do is surround yourself around people with common interests.  This way it is likely you will agree on where the balance may lie.  If you are not one to party and you befriend a wild, late night partier it’s likely you will come across conflict.  Eventually they will get tired of hearing “Sorry, I can’t go out tonight, I’ve got homework to do” and they’ll move on.  Choose your friends like you choose your clothing, a perfect fit that brings out your best qualities!

Tip Number Two: Don’t take life to seriously! Stressing over every test, assignment and paper will only make things harder for you.  Sometimes a night away from the books is exactly what students need! It’s the perfect way to have some fun, clear your mind and help you prepare for what’s ahead.  If its not a pass or fail situation, let loose with your friends! It may even give you a fresh perspective on your schoolwork the next day.

Tip Number Three: It’s OK to say no. Some people are never able to pass up an opportunity to party.  With a fear of missing out you will always see them at every club opening, house party and pub night.  This may be the lifestyle for them, but as for the rest of us, it’s not a healthy way of living.  What students need to realize is that there will always be another party.  One missed opportunity is another gained.  That one night of partying you missed out on has likely just landed you an “A” on your paper.  In the end, it’s OK to say no!  As much as you may feel you’ve let them down, after it’s all said and done, you’ll be the one to succeed.

After countless nights out and hours of all nighters in the library I can finally say I’ve found balance.  I know when to stay in and when to let go and if you follow these tips I hope you to can say the same.  School is about having fun while gaining your degree.  It seems that some forget about the experiences they should gain while at University, so let loose, have fun, but always remember to study!