How I Got Involved On Campus At Texas State University

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How I Got Involved On Campus At Texas State University

This blog was written by Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Dalida, who attends Texas State University - San Marcos. Dalida is Public Relations Chair for the on-campus organization, FashioNation. Read about her experiences below.

A few days ago, while having a discussion in my Children’s Literature class, my professor mentioned the idea that everyone wants to belong. So I quickly began to reflect on my past experiences and realized that it is something that I find myself in search for wherever I go.

College has many resources available to students and as an Ambassador and a Resident Assistant at Texas State University; I have gotten the opportunity to learn a lot about my school and what they have available to students. I am majoring in Advertising and have a minor in Fashion Merchandising, so I have always looked for something that could get me the experience and let me be active so that I can have an idea of what the two industries do.

My first year in College, I found myself hopping from one place to another trying to find a place that was right for me. I found an organization called “FashioNation;” this was a brand new organization, I joined it because I felt welcomed and as if I could grow with it. I am a senior now, and this year will mark my third year with this organization and my 2nd year as chair of Public Relations.

My school offers around 300 student organizations. It is possible for everyone to find a fit, something that they are interested in. I suggest attending career fairs at your school and really talking to the different organizations that you have interest in. Also, look up the lists of organizations on your school’s website and contact them.

You never know who you might meet; who might be the key you need into your career field. FashioNation holds model calls on campus and invites students from San Marcos and its surrounding areas. Our models have been featured in local magazines, newspapers, and booked for paid promotional jobs.

I have grabbed all the opportunities by their horns and still try and find more as I have the time. Be open for opportunities, they may not come perfectly wrapped with a bow on top. But being open for a challenge outside from your comfort zone will get you better knowledge and experience. Your diploma will count first but you will also need to have experience, you will need to have those stories that you will tell during the interview. You will need to prove what you learned in school, so get the experience while taking classes. You will find that they will balance and you will begin to understand your school work even better because you are actively taking part in it.