How I Landed My DREAM Job at an Advertising Agency

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How I Landed My DREAM Job at an Advertising Agency  blog image

How I Landed My DREAM Job at an Advertising Agency

Like many of you, I will be transitioning into the “real world” this May as I finish my final semester of college, walk across the stage for graduation, and start my first real job. I’m very satisfied with everything I’ve accomplished in the past four years of college, and I urge you to read my last Intern Queen bog post for tips on how to graduate in four years without sacrificing anything (What to Expect When You’re Expecting… to Graduate in 4 Years).

But today I’m writing about how I landed my dream job.
I initially heard about Jack Morton through an adviser in high school who asked me to set up a tour of their New Jersey office, which I did. It was a great learning experience, and I eventually applied for an internship with them for the summer after my freshman year of college, after already having an internship under my belt. Luckily, I got the internship with the Project Management team and liked it, but knew I wanted to explore other teams within the company. The following summer, I interned with the Strategy team in New York and really loved it. I was extremely fortunate to intern a third time with the same company, this time learning even more and working across multiple teams.

After having three internships with the same company, I knew that was where I wanted to end up and that I could be a little creative in my approach. Please keep in mind that the following steps reflect my own personal experience and are not appropriate for all job-seekers.

1. A few weeks before I left to study abroad in Rome, I sent my bosses a presentation I’d made telling them why they needed to hire me. I used their core values of passion, agility and respect to tell the story of why I’m a great fit – it was a creative way to start the conversation about my future with the company, and my bosses loved it.

2. While abroad, I made it a priority to travel to London to meet with a few people at the Jack Morton London office. I was interested in learning how that office differs from the US offices, and I wanted to talk about the possibility of coming to London for a few months to learn the business of their public events offering. After my visit, I emailed my bosses back in New Jersey and asked to meet with them to discuss my future with the company further.

3. During my last week in Italy, I’d collected several traditional Italian products to give to my bosses upon my return home. I made a gift basket for each of them containing: a bottle of rosé from a prince’s villa-turned-winery, a wheel of Pecorino cheese, olive oil, spices and balsamic vinegar. While gifts were not necessary, I wanted to do something special to let my bosses know that I was more interested than ever in starting my career there.

4. Finally, I set up a meeting with my bosses to talk about my future. They took me out to lunch and offered me a job in Strategy – my dream job! I am thrilled to report that I accepted their offer and will be starting as a Strategy Coordinator in June.

The bottom line is that I am very grateful for the opportunity to have interned so many times with an amazing agency, and I am even more grateful that I was able to secure a job there for after graduation. I’m so relieved that I don’t have the stress of job searching during my final semester of college, and I hope my experience can serve as inspiration to others who are looking to turn an internship into a full-time job.

This blog post was written by Alicia Valko, our Campus Ambassador from Towson University. Alicia will be graduating this May and will be working as a Strategy Coordinator at Jack Morton.