How I Maintain a 4.0 And Have a Social Life

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How I Maintain a 4.0 And Have a Social Life

This is an guest blog by our Drexel University Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Stephanie. She is a communications major and a new ambassador!

When I chose to attend a private university for my college career, I knew it was important to do well academically for the steep price that I was about to pay. However, I was told over and over again that the college years are the best of my life and I had to enjoy them.  I needed a plan to maintain a high GPA average but still make time for a social life. Here are the steps I took to make sure it happened:

Study Groups: While I was used to hitting the books on my own, I decided to switch it up and work mostly in study groups throughout college. It’s a great way to mingle with people in classes while getting help with material that may be a bit more challenging.

The Weekend: Every weekend I take Friday night to Sunday morning off, which means I don’t open a textbook or write a paper during that time slot.  This is the time that I have to catch up with friends and enjoy college. However, this means that I work harder during the weekday nights. See what works best for you.

Meal Dates: Everyone has to eat so why not schedule time with friends around meal times during the week. I do my best to have one meal date a day with a friend so I can keep in touch with their life, but still focus heavily on studying and class time during the week.

Student Organizations: If you’re not in a student organization on campus, join one today! They are the best way to make friends who have common interests with you.  I also joined a professional student group that was tied to my major and allowed me to network with upperclassman who gave me advice on which classes and professors to take.

If you’re GPA is slipping or you find yourself constantly in the library with no time for a social life, change things up a bit. With the new year just underway, it’s a great time to set a new study schedule and have as much fun as possible!