How I Network Through Campus Organizations

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How I Network Through Campus Organizations

This  blog is written by campus ambassador, Jeanette Bravo, who attends Arizona State University. As you will read, Jeanette is extremely involved on campus! Enjoy!

As a student at Arizona State University, I have discovered that there are over 600 registered clubs on campus. 600! In order to network, the first step one needs to make is to simply join a club. When selecting an organization, choose one that will you will truly enjoy being a part of. I believe that I when you enjoy something, you will be more involved and therefore make a bigger difference. For example, ASU is known to have great clubs such as our Undergraduate Student Government or our Programming and Activities Board.

Although I have helped out the aforementioned, my favorite is ASU’s Greek Life. Through Greek Life you are allowed to not only participate in fun activities and community service projects, you are able to meet so many individuals who have similar career interests.

This comes to the second step, you have to be social and get to know people. Some of the best connections one can make are started through small talk.

For example, last semester I made a career-related connection as I was walked to a philanthropy dance practice with one of my sorority sisters. We were discussing the future and I mentioned how I love public relations, event planning and reaching out to others. With that said, she spoke about how she really enjoys her current job. Her current job manages associations, handles company’s public relations and plans their yearly conferences.  After I discovered that the company needed a summer intern, I applied right away and later received the internship. If I never had this conversation, I would not have received my past summer internship, as it was the only one I applied for.

In all, make connections to others when participating in organizations. Furthermore, when you do make those connections and receive internships, tell others about it. You never know when someone else may be interested in the same career field as you.