How I Snagged an Internship Using Twitter

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How I Snagged an Internship Using Twitter

Erica Moss is the community manager for the Masters Degree in Nursing program at Georgetown University. She adores photography, Mexican food and her English bulldog, Mona.

A couple of years after I graduated college, I found myself working a part-time job from home, and while that sounds somewhat glamorous, it wasn’t, and my dissatisfaction led me to start seeking opportunities elsewhere.

At the same time, I had really started ramping up my presence on Twitter, and I had formed a lot of great connections on the site. I was talking to other professionals in my field, looking for job opportunities and reading up on all of the latest industry trends.

Then one day I saw a tweet from a gentleman I had built a great rapport with and who worked for a local company. He made a witty remark about his employees, something very simple, and I decided to interject with an innocent comment, something along the lines of: “Have you ever thought about adding to that great team of yours?” I took a chance, but I really never thought anything would come out of it.

He tweets back: “Actually, I have. Why, are you looking?”

And just like that, we started a dialogue. A dialogue that I almost assuredly never would have had without the awesome tool that is Twitter. I explained to him the situation, and he asked to see my LinkedIn profile; he must’ve decided that I had the right experience for the job, because he asked me to send him a copy of my resume, which he then forwarded to the person who would, ultimately, be making the hiring decision. Two days later, I was sitting in a conference room at the company’s offices, answering questions about my background, where I was going, and how I might fit into the team dynamic.

They were proposing a full-time internship with benefits, with the possibility of the position becoming permanent down the road. It wasn’t ideal for a college graduate, but it was very appealing at the time, given my lack of enthusiasm for my current gig. They ended up offering me the position a day later, and while I turned it down in favor of a full-time job offer at another company, I’m still incredibly grateful for the experience because it illustrates just how powerful the relationships you foster on the site can be.

Now, I’m not implying that this strategy will work for every person in every situation, but I do think that, more and more, internship and job seekers will have to think outside of the box in order to land that dream gig.

Needless to say, I love when naysayers ask, “Can you really get a job using Twitter?” because it means I get to tell that story and confidently say yes, you can.