How I Stand Out to Employers!

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How I Stand Out to Employers!

This is a guest blog by our Towson University Intern Queen Campus Ambassador, Alicia.

Everyone already knows that to make a good first impression, you must have a solid
resume that highlights your education, experience and special skills. But having a great
resume isn’t enough when there are many other applicants that have equally impressive
resumes. If you want to get an internship or a job, you have to stand out to employers
and show them why they need to select you from all other potential employees.

A personalized cover letter is a great way to make that initial impression, and you
should never send out a generic cover letter. Employers can tell when you sent out the
same cover letter for 10 other job postings because it is vague. With each cover letter,
make sure you highlight why you are a good fit for their company and why they should
select you. Also tell them why you want to work for them. Be specific!

It is a good idea to follow up with employers when you send out resumes. It lets them
know that you are serious about the job and it will alleviate your stress of having to
wait for them to get back to you. Many times, employers will tell you that they will be
in contact after they review other resumes, but at least you’ll know that they received
your resume and will look at it.

If you then get an interview, you must always dress and act professionally. Do your
homework ahead of time. Try to find out as much information as possible about the
employer and even about the interviewer. It never hurts to bring up a current trend
in the industry or ask a question about the specific job tasks. It is also good to bring
samples of your work, a few copies of your resume (on resume paper), and a few
business cards. And always send a thank you card within 24 hours of your interview!

The trick to really standing out to an employer is showing them that you are passionate
about their company and you have the right experience for the job.