How I stay up to date on current events

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How I stay up to date on current events

This is a guest blog post by NYU's Campus Ambassador Danielle Bennett. 

When you live at home with your parents you never fully appreciate the accessibility of cable news. I found that the channels usually just played in the background as I did my homework or made myself a bowl of cereal. And before I went to college I never fully realized how much news I was soaking in as background noise until I no longer had the option of that background noise. So now, as college students, how do we stay up to date on the most prevalent news? Here are five simple tips that I have found whilst at college.

• The First solution is apps. Here are a few publications with apps that you can use on a daily basis: The Associated Press (AP) Politico Aljazeera The Jerusalem Post BBC News Times of India National Public Radio (NPR) Public Radio International (PRI)

• The Second solution is daily e-mail newsletters. Organizations like TheSkimm, GoKicker, PRI Global Scan, The New Yorker and Transparency International that can send you daily e-mails with the most up to date stories in a bullet point format. This is so you can read as much of the newsletter in a short period of time. Reading these bullet pointed newsletters have also helped me become equipped to handle the small talk at networking events or pre-interview conversations about current affairs.

• The Third solution is to listen to it!  Publications like National Public Radio, PRI’s The World and SoundCloud’s news playlists allow you to listen to an hour or less of the news from across the globe. Now students can listen while you work out or walk to class.

• My Fourth solution is head to the gym! Most schools provide gym services which usually include multiple wide screen televisions or personal televisions on workout machines.  This means students can run their fastest 10k while also keeping up to date on the ongoing situation in Syria or the newest bills rejected in Congress

• My Fifth and final tip is to form a group or find a current affairs conscious club or organization. Joining the journalism, global news or College Independents club at your school will allow you to meet at least once a week and debate and discuss the latest world and domestic news central to students, and if there are not any clubs like that at your school make your own club or find a group of people to have dinner with once a week and discuss the news that is important to you, the student.

So these are my tips to stay current and on top of the news once you get to college, comment below and tell me your tips and tricks!